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Getting Started

Kolabrya is your next-level AI tool for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of workplace investigations and legal processes. Get ready to transform how you manage data, conduct interviews, and generate reports with our state-of-the-art AI technology that specializes in workplace investigations and emplyment law.

Get To Know Kolabrya

Frequently Used Prompts

Prompts serve as instructions for Kolabrya, helping refine your analysis. Selecting effective prompts can enhance the outcomes. Below are some popular prompts:

Case Strategy

  • What are the questions that the opposing counsel could ask? Provide top 10.

  • Consider the potential motives or biases influencing Complainant, using a neutral tone.

Interview Preparation & Analysis

  • What questions should I ask Complainant/Bad Actor/Other Witnesses?
  • I have already interviewed < Name Interviewees> Who else should I interview to ensure a comprehensive investigation process?

  • I have already interviewed < Name Interviewees> , what is your recommendation in the terms of the next steps. Explain in detail in several paragraphs.

  • Provide a concise summary of all key issues and allegations, in a few paragraphs. Use neutral and unbiased language.

  • I feel like I may not have asked all the important questions from < name the interviewee> , what other important questions should I be asking in the next interview .

  • Provide a list of all inconsistencies in a list format.

  • Provide me with some coaching in terms of my style of interview, point out things I did well, and things I didn’t do so well.

  • Provide a timeline of events in a chronological order. 

  • Point out all the biases from both interviewer and interviewee perspectives. 


  • Prepare an executive summary of all FMLA related issues.

  • Provide a report of all witness statements.

Timelines and Summaries​​

  • Provide a detailed summary of all issues raised by Complainant, using a neutral tone,

  • Summarize the facts in a dialogue fashion.

  • Identify all people discussed by Complainant and, using a neutral tone, include a brief summary of relevant facts associated with each person.

  • Identify all discussions about Complainant X's interactions with Witness Y.

  • Identify all incidents raised by Complainant in chronological order, using a neutral tone.

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