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Analysis Assistant

Upload your case files, transcripts, policies, and other documents to get real-time analysis assistance.  Analysis Assistant can help you to:

  • Analyze witness statement(s) for consistency

  • Generate event timelines and include all the details for each event

  • Quickly summarize large depositions, policies and other documents

  • Review documents for bias including witness statements and the investigator/interviewer bias

Interview Assistant

Kolabrya’s Interview Assistant can join your meetings to transcribe, create meeting minutes and provide real-time analysis, suggestions and next steps during your interviews and meetings. Interview Assistant can:

  • Join your meetings automatically or only attend when you like

  • Create a transcription (word by word) capture of your interview or meeting

  • Generate interview and meeting summaries

  • Suggest next questions or topics to discuss

Report Assistant

Save countless hours generating different report types.  From summary to client reports, Report Assistant can format your reporting in your unique format and style.  Report Assistant can help you to create your investigation:

  • Executive Summaries

  • Findings

  • Next Actions

  • And more!

AI Assistant

Kolabrya’s AI Assistant is designed to understand and generate responses that are human-like. It not only recognizes the context of the specific page you're engaging with but also provides precise guidance tailored to any questions you may have. 

Train Kolabrya

Train Kolabrya’s AI to respond and write in your style and tone.  

You can upload writing samples that show your tone and style, or use Kolabrya’s default style. Kolabrya’s default is trained to comply with workplace investigations best practice writing style.

Single Sign On

Case File Library

Storing your investigation case files and interviews is easy.  Upload and store your case documents that you want to use with Kolabrya’s analysis and reporting AI tools.

Kolabrya offers Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, enabling users to access multiple services with one set of login credentials, simplifying and securing the authentication process.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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