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AI for Workplace Investigators & Lawyers

Kolabrya significantly frees up investigator's time by eliminating the need to manually draft witness interview notes and summaries.  Your data is safe with our full AES 256 encryption, Microsoft recommended Azure infrastructure, and other end-point and token security technologies.


  • Interview summaries and searchable interview segments immediately available.  

  • Highly accurate analysis such as credibility assessment.

  • Learning from your sample report to produce new reports.

  • Safely record and save interviews in video and audio.

  • Processing of large volumes of documents and custom reporting.

  • Integrated to conferencing solution to track interview topics in real-time. 

Secure & Patent Pending Technology

Flexible and Scalable 

Seamless Collaboration

"I don't go to client interviews without Kolabrya!"

Saurav Bhardwaj, Security Investigator

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Kolabrya is a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, ventureLAB Accelerator, and Zoom app marketplace.

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