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Live Demo June 19

AI for Workplace Investigators & Lawyers

Streamlining investigations with intelligent automation and unmatched data security. Experience the future of legal and investigative work today. 

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Secure & Patent Pending Technology

Flexible and Scalable 

Seamless Collaboration

Experience Next-Level Investigation Efficiency with Kolabrya

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Case Library

A user-friendly interface where you can add, manage, and organize your case files efficiently. You maintain complete control over your cases, from initiation to resolution.

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Analysis & Reports

Enhance your investigations with our AI-powered tools. Kolabrya offers accurate analysis and automatic report generation, providing essential insights quickly and efficiently to advance your case handling.

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Automate and streamline your interview process. Record, save, and access interviews easily, ensuring every detail is captured and readily available for analysis.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Kolabrya is a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, ventureLAB Accelerator, and Zoom app marketplace.

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