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Format: "Given the uploaded 'File Name.doc' + Query/Question.

Example: Given the uploaded Interview.doc, provide an accurate summary of the incident.


Clarification Prompts

  • summarize the key points of the incident as described by the XYZ.

  • identify and list contradictions in the testimonies provided by different parties.

  • highlight any discrepancies between the incident report and the XYZ statements.


Action Identification Prompts

  • list all actions taken by the involved parties during the incident.

  • describe the sequence of events leading up to the incident.

  • what immediate actions were taken following the incident?


Emotion and Tone Prompts

  • assess the emotional tone of the participants during their testimony. Were there any notable changes?

  • identify any instances of aggression, fear, or distress in the statements.


Fact Verification Prompts

  • what facts from the transcript can be independently verified?

  • compare the statements made in the transcript against any existing evidence or previous statements for consistency.


Pattern Recognition Prompts

  • identify any recurring themes or behaviors mentioned in the transcript.

  • are there mentions of similar incidents in the past, according to the testimonies?


Summary and Synthesis Prompts

  • create a concise summary of the incident, including key events, participant roles, and outcomes.

  • synthesize the testimonies into a coherent timeline of the incident.


Implication and Outcome Prompts

  •  what are the potential implications of the incident for the workplace?

  •  based on the transcript, what are the recommended actions to prevent a recurrence of such an incident?


Compliance and Policy Prompts

  • do the details of the incident suggest a violation of workplace policies or laws?

  • recommend policy changes or training programs based on the incident details.


Confidentiality and Sensitivity Prompts

  • identify any information in the transcript that should be treated with confidentiality.

  • highlight sensitive issues mentioned in the transcript that require careful handling.

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