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Ensuring Top-Tier Security with Kolabrya


Kolabrya recognizes the importance of security to its customers and partners. With consumers and businesses relying heavily on digital platforms, the security and protection of data cannot be overemphasized. This white paper provides an overview of the security measures implemented in the Kolabrya platform.


This White Paper has been prepared by Kolabrya to inform interested users of Kolabrya’s security practices. The content should assure users that Kolabrya is following the latest practices in security management in its operations.

Key Practices

Data Security Measures

Kolabrya’s dedication to privacy is reflected in its data security measures:

Encryption: Both in transit and at rest, data is encrypted to maintain its integrity.

Code Monitoring: Regular vulnerability scans are conducted on the platform's code.

API Security: Strong authentication mechanisms fend off unauthorized access.

Data Collection and Storage

Data Into the System

Origin: Kolabrya values transparency. All data sourced from meetings is collected with consent from users.

Types of Data Collected:

• Audio recordings of meetings

• Participant names

• Meeting title

• We encourage our customers not to use Kolabrya for meetings in which Personal and Private Information is shared.

Data Out of the System

• Consistent with our commitment to privacy, Kolabrya does not provide any APIs to third parties.

Data Retention and Deletion

Data is deleted shortly after the meeting ends. One particular AI model/Partner retains data for 30 days to monitor for abuse.


Cloud Infrastructure

• Kolabrya relies on an industry leading infrastructure provider, known for its robustness and security features.

Network Security

• Leveraging advanced firewall capabilities, unsolicited and potentially harmful traffic is filtered out.

• A strategic hub-and-spoke architecture ensures centralized security services, enabling consistent policy application and meticulous traffic inspection, thereby minimizing configuration points.

Third Party Providers

Our platform collaborates with various partners that adhere to industry-leading standards, including SOC2 Type 2 Audits, PCI, and GDPR. These partners, chosen after a rigorous security review emphasizing robust practices, security features, and compliance certifications, play pivotal roles in delivering our services seamlessly.

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